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Steps To Take When Selecting A Bail Bond Agency

If you recently had a phone call from a loved one requesting you to post bail because they are in jail, you are likely to be concerned in how you will obtain the cash needed for their release. Many people turn to a bail bond service to get much-needed funding to get relatives out of jail so they can continue to provide for their family until their scheduled court date. If you never had to go through this process before, read through the following information to help in familiarizing yourself with the process.

Make Sure Funds Cannot Be Allocated From Other Sources

Before you turn to a bail bond agency, it is a good idea to check into other methods in obtaining cash if possible. If you have a savings account, taking money out of it instead of needing to put collateral up in exchange for a bond makes sense. If you have valuables that can be sold, find out if a pawn shop in your area would be willing to purchase them so you can get cash right away.

Look For A Reputable Bail Bond Agency To Use

Checking for a bail bond service online may yield plenty of results to choose from. Knowing which direction to turn can be a bit overwhelming. Check into any prospective companies by looking at their rating on the Better Business Bureau grading system. This will alert you as to whether a bail service has had difficulty in providing positive experiences for others in the past. Getting a referral from a legal defendant is another option. When you find a company that looks favorable, give them a call to inquire about their credentials. 

Know The Stipulations Before Signing A Contract

Most bail bond services will require a form of collateral in exchange for them putting up money for the release of someone in jail. This can be real estate property, a home, vehicles, or other valuables. A bail service will also require the payment of a fee that will be tacked onto the bail amount requested. This will not be refundable, even if the court throws out your relative's case. 

If your relative does not show up for their scheduled court date, you will be required to pay back the bail service in full. Some states also use bounty hunters to track down someone who had not shown up for their court appearance. In this case, they will be brought back to the jail, and will most likely not have the opportunity to be released again until their court session has been satisfied. Make sure you understand all stipulations regarding your responsibilities before you sign paperwork. When paperwork has been signed, the bail bond service will make a payment to the jail so your loved one can be released promptly.

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