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3 Things To Consider When Getting Bailed Out Of Jail

Going to jail is one of the things that many people fear, especially if they believe in following the law. However, sometimes a mistake such as consuming too much alcohol and getting behind the wheel of a vehicle can lead to an arrest. A DUI offense that ends up in a collision that causes someone to get injury can lead to a long time behind bars. The best way to get out of jail if you are in such a situation and can't afford to pay on your own is through a bail bonds company. Browse this article for information that is handy when dealing with a bail bonds company to get out of jail.

1. Use Your First Phone Call Strategically

After you have been processed and booked, your first phone call will be allowed. You must be strategic in regards to how the phone call is used if you want to get out of your situation easier. For example, it is wise to call someone that is close to you that can either pay your way out of jail, or search for a bail bonds company on your behalf. When you speak to a friend or family member, be prepared to give them your booking number, home address, and other pieces of personal information that a bail bonds company might need. An insufficient amount of information can lead to it taking longer for you to be bailed out of jail.

2. Be Prepared to Follow Rules Upon Being Released

If you are able to get out of jail, keep in mind that there will be rules that must be followed by law. For instance, although you will be free, you will still be subjected to attending court about the DUI offense that caused you to get arrested. Failing to go to court as scheduled will place you under more legal trouble, and the court might consider you as a fugitive. In such a case, the judge will likely issue a warrant for you to be arrested as soon as you are found. Skipping town won't prevent you from getting arrested because the bail bonds company will send bounty hunters for find you, and the authorities will be searching as well.

3. Don't Try to Avoid Paying the Bail Bonds Company Back

When you are bailed out of jail, the bail bonds company will expect to be paid back without a long wait. If you don't pay the money back soon enough, the company can demand it from your friend or family member that co-signed the application. You don't want to ruin your relationship with a loved one over being irresponisble in paying your debt. Pay the debt off as soon as possible, even if it means pawning a few of your personal belongings to do so. 

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