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Bail: Setting It Up

Any emergency is hard to process and navigate, but learning that a person you know or love has found themselves being detained by police is troubling and very serious. Hearing that they're about to enter jail might not even seem real. However, to protect them, you and relatives might seek bonding professionals for help with bailing out your loved one. Only knowing bondsmen from TV, you could be not at all aware of these salient points.

No is a Possibility

After years of a favorite crime or police procedural show, the prevailing thought in your head could be that bail happens fast and arranging paperwork is done quickly. However, bondsmen have practices and standards they must uphold if they want to protect their businesses. Usually they'll need time to get and read case files. They need to verify collateral claims and perform other tasks. You and relatives might wait for their answer--and that answer could be a strong, resounding "no."

A refusal from bondsmen will likely set you back if you've only visited one company. Don't wait for that surprise or shock; instead, visit several companies. Boost your chances of getting your friend out.

Jails Might Not Instantly Release

The bonding process may become longer if a facility has certain specific rules. For that reason, any bondsman you spend time with ought not guarantee speedy processing or guess that release will happen before having real data for you. Weekends, late nights, processing rollovers and other issues will make the difference. Prepare yourself and others to be patient with the knowledge that things are moving along in the only order possible.

They Could Run

Many who get bail are disappointed and forlorn when court dates arrive and the person they've worked so diligently and hard for disappears. No one really expects that they'll have to surrender collateral or that they're truly risking their own lives, in a way, for someone who might not deserve that effort. No one enjoys considering guilt of someone they hold dear, but it's vital. You and anyone else involved in arranging bail must consider the sober possibility that the arrested person could run out on their bond. Consequences, however ugly, should be anticipated and planned for.

Bail isn't something anyone thinks they'll ever have to think about. If it's now a real-life issue for you and others, only careful movements and thoughtful decisions will keep everyone protected. Further discussions with bondsmen are essential. Contact a service, like Richard Cloud Bail Bonding, for more help.