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4 Ways A Bail Bond Company Can Help You Assist A Family Member

When working on getting a family member released from jail; you will want to work with a bail bond company to get them out. When working with a bail bondsman, it is essential to know the various ways that they can assist you beyond just getting your family member released.  

1. Check Warranties Beforehand  

If you have a family member who knows there is a warrant out for their arrest and wants to turn themselves in, you should head to the bail bond agency first. The agent can look up their warrant and get all the details about the charge.   

This will allow you to work together with the agent to prepare the paperwork you will need to fill out when you go to them to get bail to get your loved one back released from jail after they surrender at the police state. The agent will provide you with information about what to expect with your case and give you an estimate on what the bail amount is likely to be. 

2. Assist with Communications  

If your family member is already in jail, the bail agent can assist with communications between your loved one and their family. Most jails use a collect call system, where the recipient is charged for each minute they spend on the phone. If you don't want to pay for collect calls on your own, the bail bond company will accept the call and the charges for the call. If you have any questions for your loved one in jail, you can ask the bail agent to ask your loved one and convey the information back to you.  

3. Easy Meetups  

When you are dealing with helping get your family member out of jail, you may need some flexibility when meeting with an agent. Many bail bond companies are willing to meet you somewhere other than their office to make the process easier on you.   

For example, if you don't have transportation to get you to their office, they may meet you somewhere closer to your home. Or, if the agency and the jail are far apart, they can meet you halfway. Or if you are just busy and need someone to meet you when you are out and about, they can do this as well.   

4. Payment Plan   

Next, when you work with a bail agent, you will need to pay a small percentage of the total bail amount as a fee to the bail bond company. That fee is usually set by state law. Many companies will allow you to follow a payment plan when it comes to that fee. This is great if you are not able to pay the amount in full right away.   

When it comes to working with a bail agency to get your family member out of jail, the agency can assist you with communication, meet you at alternative locations to complete the paperwork, and arrange for a payment plan for the necessary fees. If your family member knows that they have a warrant and want to turn themselves in, they can help you ensure that bail is paid as soon as possible.